“Ari’s advice on how to handle the press and deal with difficult communications problems has been of great value to me. Ari has helped me get ready for many major media events. He understands how reporters operate, and he uses that knowledge well. It’s very helpful to have him as part of my team.”

BUD SELIG, Commissioner, Major League Baseball

“With the help of Ari’s preparation and suggestions, the WTA was able to successfully navigate a series of tough PR challenges. He has extraordinary insight into how the press works and he put it to use on my behalf in a concrete and measurable way.”

LARRY SCOTT, Pacific-10 Conference Commissioner

“I know what pressure the media can create for people in sports. So does Ari. He combines his deep knowledge of the press and how to handle them with a real awareness of the world of sports. He knows what he’s doing.”

JOE TORRE, Manager, Los Angeles Dodgers

“What’s said to the new media can have a huge impact on careers and reputations. Coaches and professional athletes need to be prepared and have a game plan for dealing with the media. Ari has been there at the highest levels both in government and sports. He has a proven record of helping individuals succeed in difficult media environments.”

JOE BROWNE, Executive Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, National Football League